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We have a special gig coming up in June at Pizza Express Holborn for a bands 50th Anniversary. More details to follow. ...

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Managed to find some time to put up some kind words about a few recent gigs.

Thanks again and we will see you at the 2 places we play sometime.

"Who are these chancers?!!!

"When are they going to play some fucking blues?"

"Why do they need to use all those pedals for their guitars?"

"How come the drummer has such a small kit? Big kit means big sound!!!!! Everyone knows that"

"I'm going to punch you in the mouth if you do one more instrumental!!!!"

Also recently voted 73rd best band in Croydon by "We know Music" magazine.

Many thanks again and we hope to empty many more venues in the coming months.


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Great fun last night at The Oval.

Thats The Old Avengers done till May sometime. If anyone wants a 9 piece band that doesn't play blues, cant be arsed to bring their own P.A as its a ball ache to set up and are happy to pay 3x times what you normally pay for us to play obscure 70's funk and fusion with the occasional song you might know just so people don't leave before 20 minutes of our 1st set we are your men and women!!!!!

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I think the Old Avengers will be lightening their gig load this year. No one seems to want a 9 piece band that doesn’t play blues except for Noel And Esther. ...

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The end of year song cull is here. We're going to add a new 10 songs for next year. Be afraid!!!! ...

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